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We specialize in providing discreet ghost work for agencies facing challenges in collaborating with overseas developers. Our approach ensures absolute anonymity and confidentiality when working with your clients. With a focus on delivering exceptional quality and cost-effective development solutions, we have successfully partnered with numerous agencies worldwide. Choose us as your industry's finest and most reliable partner.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say For the past five years, we have been collaborating with i-Genesys, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with their approach to work. Communication is swift and enjoyable, and they exhibit remarkable flexibility when planning jobs and projects. I-Genesys consistently delivers as promised, meeting deadlines and offering services at a reasonable price. Their extensive expertise spans various subjects and domains. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

— Patrick TimmermansCEO Brandpulse

What Our Clients Have To Say In today’s world, it has become relatively simple to come across Indian companies offering website development at reduced rates. However, finding a company that upholds high-quality standards, maintains effective communication, and respects budget constraints while considering the “Western” way of working is not as easy. Jenish stands out as an individual who comprehends and appreciates cultural differences. He effortlessly communicates, prioritizes budget considerations, and refuses to compromise on the expected quality. I strongly urge you to reach out to Jenish if you require website services, and your experience with him will be exceptional. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Tom WolterinkPartner CRM Lead at Just Eat Takeaway.com

What Our Clients Have To Say On multiple occasions, I engaged Jenish’s services to develop websites using WordPress and to code HTML newsletters. I can attest that he is quick, adaptable, and trustworthy. Jenish not only performed excellently in his work but was also a pleasure to collaborate with. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Janet B.E-templates / WordPress websites

What Our Clients Have To Say I had the privilege of collaborating with Jenish M on multiple website projects, and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of remarkable. Jenish’s expertise and extensive experience make him an invaluable addition to any team. His meticulousness and innovative thinking have played a vital role in the creation of successful websites for our clients. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Jenish and wholeheartedly recommend him for any projects related to websites. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Aaisha D.Founder Crave. and The Equiano Rum Co.

What Our Clients Have To Say Working with Jenish has been an absolute pleasure. His efficiency, ability to provide effective solutions, and clear communication have made our collaboration seamless. Together, we have undertaken several projects that have surpassed our initial expectations. Jenish’s involvement from the earliest stages of these projects has greatly contributed to achieving the optimal results, as we were able to freely exchange our ideas & thoughts. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Joost v.Strategisch Vormgever bij Mannen van 80

What Our Clients Have To Say We engaged Jenish’s services for front-end development, including PWA apps, responsive email templates, and website HTML. Additionally, we entrusted him with WordPress website development. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Dennis C.Developer at Brandpulse NL

What Our Clients Have To Say Jenish, an accomplished WordPress developer, demonstrated exceptional technical expertise and a keen business sense throughout our project. With remarkable skill, he transformed intricate business requirements into highly effective web solutions. Jenish’s efficiency, precision, and innovative mindset set him apart in his field. This unique combination of creativity and proficiency makes him an invaluable asset in the realm of web development. His contributions not only raise the bar for industry standards but also provide substantial value to any business fortunate enough to work with him. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Alain L.

What Our Clients Have To Say I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jenish during my tenure at a previous company, and later on, I also hired him to develop several WordPress eCommerce webshops. Without fail, Jenish consistently delivered exceptional results. He effortlessly bridges the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities. Whenever a customer or I had a specific request, Jenish adeptly translated it into a comprehensive technical brief, going above and beyond by suggesting additional features that enhanced the webshop’s workflow. Throughout the process, Jenish posed insightful questions that helped uncover crucial blind spots that might have gone unnoticed. He possesses a sharp eye for detail, and a strong drive for results, and above all, he is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. I wholeheartedly recommend him without hesitation. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Tom W.Digital Project Manager

What Our Clients Have To Say In 2017, I was approached by Jenish and I-Genesys, and it had a profound impact on my personal life and business. I want to express my genuine appreciation because, for the past 15 years, I had solely worked as a developer, often joking about needing a clone to collaborate with someone else. While I can’t claim to have found an actual clone, I did find the closest thing possible, and it was more than I could have ever asked for.

The past five years with Jenish have been so transformative that I believe I could write a book about our experiences. However, I’d prefer to personally connect with anyone seeking reassurance and share my journey directly. I warmly welcome such communications and would be more than happy to offer my insights.

The greatest testament I can give is that, despite being cautious about recommending other developers due to the potential risks involved, I wholeheartedly endorse Jenish to work with any of my clients he desires (with a few exceptions I may have warned him about). As I gracefully transition into retirement, I have established an unshakeable bond with Jenish and his team. I now consider him a friend and will continue to assist him in any way possible, be it work-related or in life, for the remainder of our days.What Our Clients Have To Say

— Marcus Graichenmogmachine