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    Site is not getting indexing using wordpress


    “Oh Shit, I’m in real trouble Don’t know Why my site is not getting indexed”

    This is the most common SEO feature of all time. Google must be index your site in order for your site get any organic traffic from Google. If your site is not indexed, you will have real problem, you are almost lost. No one will/can find your content over the internet, because it’s not being indexed by Google.

    There is few steps to fix an Indexing issue, May be This will help you to look in to.

    1.Wordpress admin settings are correct?

    well, if you have finished the development and already put the site live over the internet, you are not king, there is many things to do. Most important things is disable the option from admin for a Discourage search engines from indexing this site This option can be found in WordPress admin → Setting → Reading Settings → There is an option for the Discourage search engines from indexing this site.  Disable the checkbox and you’re done.

    If the checkbox is enable then Google will not crawl your website and you will lose 🙂

    2.Google didn’t found your website

    That means you didn’t have submitted your website to google, there is webmaster tool for the google where we have to submit a request for the crawl my website.

    if you already done with the request and still not crawled then you can generate sitemap and submit to the google. once you are done then you have to request google to crawl your website again by click on Webmaster tool → Crawl → Fetch as google → Select Desktop and submit.

    3.Robots.txt can be a problem.

    Once you are go live with your website, check your robots.txt file and make sure nothing is dis-allow, which is really should be allow.

    4.Make sure there is no crawl error in webmaster tool

    To making sure, you can check here  Google Webmaster Tools → Your website → Crawl →Crawl Errors. If you are seeing any kind of errors.. then you have to fix these. unless your website was not be crawl.

    5.Site having NOINDEX Meta

    This is the most common way to inform google or any search engine that DO NOT CRAWL MY WEBSITE.
    looks like this:


    This may will be the reason Google doesn’t crawling your website. Simple Remove this line of code, and Your website back to crawling.


    Indexing is most IMP for SEO. if your site or may be some of the pages are not indexing by search engine (specially Google), then you have to work on that aggressively to fix the issue. otherwise you will lost.

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