If giraffe and cow have four stomachs, I and Sahil have four heads – A Design Head, A Error Solving Head, A Web Development and A Head to Deal with Our Wife’s.

Shhh!! Genius Minds Working Here!

We the iGenesys web developers are silent but we roar through our excellent works. You will feel like throwing us out of your office because we dive into each & every details about your business!
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We are real/serious democrats and so are our services - iGenesys is by your business, for your business & of your business. All our clients swear by it.
  • The Insomniacs

    What is the Height of Kind Heartness? It’s US Working To Remove One Error Even In the Middle Of Night.
  • The Nerds

    We consider development and coding as our birthright. We know that we sound nerds, but that’s the way we are.
  • The Junkies

    We only get a high when we are developing websites. We don’t have an attitude problem…we are just web developers.
  • Kickass Attitude

    Our head and body are dedicated to the <head> and <body> tag. When our girlfriends eat our head, we simply do <br/> to break up.

The Heads


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