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Zoom API Integration Services
Elevate Your Zoom Meeting Experience
with I Genesys

Zoom API Integration
Zoom API Integration Services

With Zoom API Integration Seamlessly Manage Registrants

With I Genesys zoom api, you can fetch registrants from your Zoom events in just a few clicks. No more manual data entry, no more errors — save time and resources while ensuring accuracy.

With Zoom API Integration Effortlessly Track Attendees

Never lose track of attendees again! With I Genesys zoom api, you can fetch attendees from your Zoom events and keep track of who attended and who missed the meeting. Get insights on attendance patterns to make informed decisions.

Simplify Your Event Management Process

I Genesys offers a seamless integration with Zoom API that simplifies your event management process. Our easy-to-use interface ensures that you can manage all aspects of your meetings without any hassle.

Zoom API Integration with ease, using our API integration tool!

Integrate With Any PHP Framework

Whether you use WordPress or Laravel or any other PHP framework, I Genesys can do Zoom API Integration with them easily. We offer a simple yet powerful solution that supports your business needs.

The Latest in Zoom API Integration

At I Genesys, we stay on top of the latest updates and enhancements to Zoom API support, ensuring seamless integration with our platform. Say goodbye to outdated and clunky integrations. We stay upto date with zoom documentation

Stay Ahead of Deadlines I Genesys is designed to work fast and efficiently so that you never miss an important deadline. With our Zoom API integration, you can manage your events on-the-go and stay ahead of the competition.

How we do it

Research & Planning

Research & Planning

  • Generate high-level business requirements
  • In-depth analysis and study of current market trend
  • Put together a wireframe with project scope
  • Workout on a preliminary work plan with stages, deadlines, and costs
We identify how we can help.
Create technical documentation

Create project documentation

  • Describe goals and objectives
  • Outline technical requirements
  • Form workflows
  • Describe go-live process
We specify requirements and work flows
Agile-based software development

Agile-based software development

  • Write code
  • Use GitHub and automated testing tools
  • Test and make sure all requirements are done
  • Get feedback from the client
  • Work on feedbacks and complete all requirements
  • Write documentation
We use agile-based management
Project launch and user training

Project go live and user training

  • Final testing
  • Launch on live server
  • Train staff on how to use the software
We deploy on time
Post-launch support

Post-launch support

  • Maintain the product after launch
  • Troubleshooting/bug fixing
  • Hosting and maintenance, which ensures the software is efficient and up-to-date
We maintain and support
Post-launch support

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