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We also do ghost work for other agencies that were finding it difficult to work with overseas developers. We never approach or reveal our identity to your customers. We offer high-quality, cost-competitive development work. We've partnered with several agencies across the world. We will be your best partner in the industry.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say I was approached my Jenish and iGenesys in 2017 and it changed the way my life and business were structured forever.

I say this with all sincerity as someone who strictly worked alone for 15 years as a developer and used to joke about needing a clone to work with someone else. I won’t go as far as saying I found a clone, but I found as close as I could get (or anyone would want). I think I could write a book on the last 5 years with Jenish, but I would recommend anyone getting in touch with me directly if they ever need to be reassured - and would welcome such communications.

The lasting testament I can leave here is to say, that as someone who never recommends other devs as a bad relationship could leave a tarnish on your recommendation, has without hesitation recommended Jenish to take on any of my clients that he wishes (I may have warned him of a few to avoid) as I gracefully slide into retirement.

Such a strong relationship I have built with Jenish and his team that I will go on to count him as a friend and help him with any aspect of work and life that I am able to for the rest of our livesWhat Our Clients Have To Say

— Marcus Graichenmogmachine

What Our Clients Have To Say We work with i-Genesys for 5 years now and we are very pleased about the way they work. Communication is quick and pleasant and they are very flexible when it comes down to plan jobs/projects. i-Genesys delivers as agreed, on time and for an acceptable price and they have a broad knowledge on different subjects and areas. We can only recommend them!

— Patrick TimmermansCEO Brandpulse

What Our Clients Have To Say These days it is easy to find an Indian company that will build a website against reduced tarifs. But what about quality, what about communication, and what about budgets? It’s not so easy to find an Indian company who also keeps in mind the ‘Western’ way of working. Jenish is a person that understands cultural differences. He communicates effortlessly, has regards for budgets and does not do concessions to the quality that you expect. I highly recommend contacting Jenish if you need a website, and I am certain your experience with Jenish will be great. What Our Clients Have To Say

— Tom WolterinkPartner Marketing Senior CRM Specialist at Just Eat Takeaway.com

What Our Clients Have To Say Jenish is an excellent Web design partner with a lots of skills. Very professional with projects and always helping and giving advice when needed. Projects are done with lots of attention and always done in time. If looking for a great WordPress partner, I can recommend Jenish! What Our Clients Have To Say

— Alain Lankers