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PATHWAY CTM Data Warehouse

Real Time Data Management

Laravel, Wordpress, Zoho, Zoom
Laravel // Wordpress // Zoho // Zoom

Improve data analysis for students pre-employement

PathwayCTM help students navigate the world of apprenticeships and kickstart their career. With their unique blend of career events, personalized mentoring sessions, and top-quality resources, they provide tools that need to succeed. To achieve this pathwayctm has a wordpress website for regisrations, zoom for event meetings, zoho recurit for managing students. All these are different platforms. Their goal was to combine data from all these platforms to a single place where they can manage all details in one place for research, analysis and reporting. We were assigned to do this job to create single place which accumulates data from all other platform in real time and data always stay in sync.

Our Contribution
  • UI/UX
  • Integration with zoho recurit
  • Integration with zoho crm
  • Integration with zoom
  • Integration with wordpress
  • Product Roadmap
  • Technical Architecture
  • Usability Testing
  • Technical Scope
  • Resource Management
  • Q/A Testing
  • Wordpress to laravel integration
  • Integration with zoho recurit
  • Integration with zoho crm
  • Integration with zoom
  • Students Management
  • Schools Management
  • Events Management
  • Reports
  • Real time analysis charts
  • Technical Audit
  • Current User Metrics and Analytics Review
  • Data check with Zoho, Zoom, Wordpress
  • Data check and analysis using reports and graphs



Pathway CTM

Goodbye to time-consuming manual processes

Challange was to sync data in real time. Students / parents / teachers all register themselves in wordpress website. They also register for events via wordpress website. Event meetings are managed via zoom. So data related to event registrations and attendees stays with zoom. Pathway manage their students for apprenticeships and career growth in zoho recurit. Schools which pathway helps for the students for pre-employment program are getting managed in Zoho CRM. So we were in need to sync data from wordpress, zoom, zoho crm and zoho recruit at one place.

We understand the importance of having all data in one place for research, analysis, and reporting. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to create a seamless system that combines data from different platforms into a single place.

After doing analysis we decided build system in Laravel framework which will be accumulating data from all other sources, and new system is called Data Warehouse. Process we adapted, when student registers in wordpress site, we also create same student in zoho recurit using zapier integration. We impliment zoho api's which in turn on creating new student or updating / delete student, we update our data warehouse. This api's designed to work real time so student data in Data Warehouse always stay upto date at any point of time and this way one piece was in place. Other challange was to integrate ZOOM. When student registers for any event we sync that all info into our warehouse. Warehouse in turn using zoom api checks and get details about registrants and attendees of that event. So Data Warehouse now has all students data including their educational info, school info and info regrading events they attended, all in one place. Using this data pathway can now generate reports for events, schools, students etc on demand and use for their analysis.

PATHWAY CTM Data Warehouse
Pathway CTM Data Warehouse
PATHWAY CTM Data Warehouse Student management
Student management
PATHWAY CTM Data Warehouse Event management
Event management
Pathway Reports
Pathway Reports
Pathway Records