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Padfield enlisted us to help refine their UX, and brand to support the launch of their new eCommerce website. The brand enjoyed meteoric success with enviable growth rates.

Our Contribution
  • PSD Design
  • UI/UX Development
  • Responsive development
  • ACF Pro Integration
  • Gravityforms Integration
  • Custom Theme development
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • AffiliateWP Integration
  • GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Post SMTP Integration
  • Rank Math SEO Integration
  • Trustpilot-reviews
  • WooCommerce Pre-Orders
  • Site Speed Audit
  • Technical Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Payment Gateway Audit
  • PSD Design
  • Integration with Woocommerce
  • Website Roadmap
  • Trustpilot Ingteration
  • Technical Architecture
  • Subscription-based Payments
  • UX/UI
  • Usability Testing
  • Technical Scope
  • Resource Management
  • Q/A Testing
  • Style Guide
  • Media Libraries
  • Email Design
  • Handling Wordpress upgrades
  • Handling Plugin upgrades
  • 100% uptime




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Our approach to the Padfield website development was to create an eCommerce platform that highlights and represents their passion and innovation in crafting goods.

We began by assessing the current state of affairs with an audit and alignment process conducting vision sessions with Padfield, analyzing their requirements, conducting our research to craft a set of goals and strategies to achieve these new goals.